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Mendix - MendMeShop Ultrasound

Price: $349.00 USD $274.00 USD

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The Wait is Over!

Sale Price: $274 USD
Reg Price: $349USD

MendMeShop® has offered professional quality therapeutic ultrasound systems for over 5 years to people just like you...and the tradition continues. We are proud to offer a new ultrasound - a high quality system, that treats inflammation and scar tissue to heal you faster and relieve your pain quickly.

Introducing...Mendix - our MendmeShop Brand of Ultrasound®

Heal yourself the natural way, faster and more completely! Mendix®, used with our MendMeShop® Lavender Infusion Gel, treats a variety of soft tissue injuries!

Mendix® is a cost-effective, high quality, home ultrasound system. It gives you the safest, most reliable treatment and is 100% guaranteed. In addition, our knowledgeable MendMeShop® Product Specialists are available to help you with your treatments every step of the way. Now that is the peace of mind you deserve when treating yourself at home.

Mendix® - Safe, Reliable and Effective

  • Mendix® is medically engineered and manufactured in an ISO approved facility to ensure the highest standard of quality.
  • Mendix® has 2 auto-timer settings that turn off automatically to prevent overtreatment.
  • Mendix® emits a consistent sound wave intensity over the entire surface of the transducer head for safe use.
  • Mendix® has 3 intensity settings to allow you to treat yourself with the correct concentration of sound waves.
  • Mendix® operates at a 1 MHz frequency and outputs high intensity waves (measured properly in watts/cm2) compared to other home units.

Mendix® + Lavender Infusion Gel = An Unbeatable Pair

If you are not getting your ultrasound gel from us, then you are missing out on the advantages of phonophoresis. Using the right ultrasound gel can enhance your home ultrasound therapy and maximize your results.

Lavender Infusion Gel soothes your pain and reduces inflammation

Our naturally medicated Lavender Infusion Gel is the most effective gel for you and is only available here, from MendMeShop®!

This exclusive Lavender Infusion Ultrasound Gel is designed to work specifically with Mendix®. When using Mendix® to help the medicinal ingredients penetrate deep into the soft tissue (phonophoresis), the gel relieves pain and speeds healing without any side-effects.

MendMeShop® Lavender Infusion Ultrasound Gel contains the natural medicinal ingredients of:

  • Natural Bulgarian Lavender (not an industrial lavender additive) - soothes muscle tension and spasm
  • Menthol - cools the area and opens the pores to enhance the phonophoresis effect
  • Peppermint - widens blood vessels to ease the flow of blood
  • Eucalyptus - stimulates the healing flow of blood

Our Lavender Infusion Ultrasound Gel does not contain:

You receive an 8 oz. bottle of this exclusive gel, free, with the purchase of Mendix® - that's 2 therapies for the price of 1!

Purchase our exclusive gel in a 5 pack, 10 pack and SAVE!
Always have some at home for uninterrupted ultrasound therapy.

Unbeatable Customer Service

With the purchase of Mendix® you can be confident in your decision because we offer:

  • trained MendMeShop® Product Specialists available 7 days a week to assist you throughout your therapy.
  • a 60 day, no-hassle, money back guarantee. Try your ultrasound for a full 60 days and decide if you are getting the results you want; we guarantee you will!
  • no restocking fees if you decide to return your products. These fees can reach up to 50% of the original price with some companies.
  • an automatic 1 year replacement warranty - with the option to upgrade for 5 full years of coverage.
  • the optional MendMeShop® Payment Plan (3 easy payments) - with no credit approval required - to get you started on your treatments faster.

Your Own Personalized Treatment Schedule

When you receive your products, email or call a Product Specialist to assist you in developing a treatment schedule that suits your lifestyle. You can heal in the comfort of your own home, when it is convenient to you!

  • Call toll free 1-877-876-4588 within Continental North America
  • Dial +1 705-445-3505 internationally
  • Email

Your Mendix® comes complete with:

  1. A Quick Treatment Guide and User Manual
  2. 1 MHz transducer wand
  3. AC/DC power adapter
  4. PLUS an 8oz. bottle of our very own MendMeShop® Lavender Infusion Gel!
Mendix reduces inflammation, softens scar tissue, and promotes healing in the comfort of your own home.

Electrical adapters are available in 110-120 volts and 220-240 volts. The price includes the adapter appropriate for use in the country it is being shipped to. If the country you wish to use the ultrasound in is different from the shipping address, please let us know by leaving a comment in the comment box within the checkout page and the appropriate adapter will be substituted.

It is important that an adapter made specifically for the Mendix® is used as it has been engineered for functional compatibility and safe use. If another adapter is used, the warranty will be null and void.

Get your Mendix® NOW and start healing!
It has changed the lives of our customers and it will change yours too.

Find out more about how Mendix® can help you treat your scar tissue and heal naturally. Call our Product Specialists toll free within Continental North America at 1-877-876-4588, international callers dial +1-705-445-3505, or email us at .

Attention Travellers!!

If you will be traveling and want to also use the device in a country that has different voltage requirements from the adapter you will receive with your Mendix® (determined by the shipping address), you can purchase an additional world adapter. Please note the country you require the adapter for in the comment box within the checkout page.

Only purchase a world adapter if you are traveling and want to use the device in a second country that has different power requirements.


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